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The voice of the RNC, Senator Ron Johnson, Congressman Kevin Brady, Senator Lindsey Graham and Republican candidates and causes across the USA

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"Dan delivers just the product we need."

Lauren Hernandez, Director of Film and Visual Media, Republican National Committee


Dan is now available to put his voice over talent to work for your political, advocacy or issue campaign. Have a political commercial that needs a voice? Let us go to work for you!

Voice Over for Political Advertising

Good luck to US Senator Ron Johnson in his reelection campaigh! We were proud to be his voice talent for his most recent political television commercial. Very recently, we were selected to be the voice of United States Congressman Kevin Brady. Congressman Brady recently succeeded Congressman Paul Ryan as Chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee. We are proud to have supplied the voice over for two television commercials and one radio commercial. We are also an ongoing voice over talent for the Republican National Committee, and were extremely honored to have provided voice over for US Senator Lindsay Graham's recent run in the Republican presidential campaign. In addition, we have voiced campaigns for Republican candidates across America. It has been an incredibly rewarding experience working for these American champions, and we hope to continue providing the very best of Republican Voice Over Talent through 2016. Thank you!

We are in the midst of the Republican Presidential Primaries and this could well be the most usual primary season ever, on both sides of the aisle. The surprise emergence of one candidate in particular has the political community reeling, the news media hypnotized, and the rest of the country talking. How will your candidate rise above the clutter? By choosing an extremely creative creative team, including agency, video production house, and yes, voice actor. Not a voice talent, but rather an voice actor. Someone with the dramatic chops to get your message to stand out front and center. That's what we do! Call us for your political advertising voice over needs!

Republican Voice Over Talent.  Political Voice Over by Dan Wachs.